We at Data Driven Technologies, Inc. (a.k.a. DDT) are extremely happy with our Microsoft 365 subscription for non-profits that gives us an access to Microsoft Teams (a.k.a. MS Teams). We are using MS Teams to run our DDT annual board meetings and our LA Data Platform virtual monthly meetings. It’s easy to setup, manage, and record.

Just in case that you didn’t know what Microsoft Teams is? Microsoft Teams is the ultra fast growing productivity tool from Microsoft that is trying to combine capabilities from Slack and Zoom into one single product. Here is my blog post on MS Teams –

If you are running a non-profit and would like to apply to a Microsoft 365 Business Premium to get an access to variety of Microsoft tools discounted or free, please read the following blog post –

For our LA Data Platform monthly meetings, we setup a series of meetings for every 3rd Wednesday (see Fig #1). This setup worked just fine for awhile, but with constants enhancements to MS Teams we had to make few changes. Specifically, Microsoft introduced a lobby feature that forced every attendee to wait in the lobby before being admitted to the meetings. We didn’t like the feature and wanted to change that meeting default setting.

Fig #1


Clicking on Meeting options to make changes might lead you to the following gruesome screen (Fig #2). Despite being an organizer, MS Teams doesn’t allow you to adjust meeting options claiming that you are not an organizer? How did that happen?!

Fig #2

This is caused by a browser profile. Unfortunately, Microsoft is using an Internet browser to make changes to MS Teams meeting options. I am using a Microsoft Edge Chromium, but I’m guessing that would be true for any major browser – your favorite browser might be sending the wrong credentials to which leads to a failed authentication. In my case, Teams is receiving my personal Microsoft account credential which of course has no access to Teams.

Fig #3


The solution (more like a walkaround) for that problem is going to involve creation of a new profile (Fig #4) in your preferred browser.

Fig #4

Once you add a new profile and force the browser to use it, MS Teams will finally greet you the right options allowing to make changes.


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