Thanks for joining my blog! This is my 1st post.

After my first ever visit to both 2018 SQL Saturday in Oregon and 2018 PASS Summit events and talking to various influential #sqlfamily members, I decided to take control and try to overcome my fear of public writing.

Domain name

Choosing domain was actually easy as I had plenty of my coworkers calling me “DATA Steve” at work. I signed with and luckily my domain of choice was available. I registered my domain. Yes, I paid $60 a year towards my personal branding and I am finally committed to my own brand.

Web Design

Since web design is not my thing, I looked through various popular WordPress-based websites focused on technology and once I found what was pleasing to my eye, I cloned and mimicked. I’m still debating if by WordPress theme is perfect, but it’s OK for now!


What was a bit harder is to create content. There are so many qualified technical writers and so many topics already covered that I felt that I wouldn’t have a chance. Since I previously used platform to publish articles, I was a bit confused on how to differentiate my personal blog, I mean what goes where. That being said, I knew that any imperfect decision is better than no decision, so I decided to put something out there, no matter what. I decided that my first blog post is going simple and would cover how SQL Saturday in Los Angeles Team is using social media channels. Additionally, I cloned some of my LinkedIn articles and used my short LinkedIn rant posts as ideas for my blog post.


To blog or not to blog? – definitely to blog!