This is a follow up post to my original article – posted about 6 months ago . I’m happy to see PASS ( is stepping up the game and making some neat changes to web site. Those features are making SQLSaturday organizers happy! Please keep them coming!


“Go Live!” feature is introducing an ability for to choose when the event is published on This effectively allows SQLSaturday organizers to make all the necessary changes prior to making the web site visible to all. Prior to that feature, organizers had to either have a perfect web site or make changes to a live web site.


“Send Now” feature is introducing an ability to either schedule or have an on-demand call for speakers (an email that goes to all 3000 registered SQL Saturday speakers).Prior to this feature, SQLSaturday organizers had no control on when call for speakers email will be send. Events that went live on Friday evening (this happen to us in 2018) resulted in 50% of Out of the Office email replies, i.e. not really getting the desired response.

Sponsors logo

“Sponsor logo” feature is introducing an internal image hosting for sponsor logos. This enables sponsors and organizers to directly upload an image file to be used as their logo on SQLSaturday event website. Prior to this feature, logo images were stored externally with a hyperlink saved in a sponsor profile. Any external changes made were resulting in a SQLSaturday event website displaying broken images. Additionally, quite often it caused SpeedPASS generation process to get stuck as it relied on those external images for every raffle ticket QR code.

Thanks for all the good work.